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In my experience with terminology words at first I was struggling to remember all 75 of them but then I started to make flash cards and remember the video pictures that would explain each terminology words. The video also was enjoying because it showed funny pictures of a rhino with a human nose on top of his nose. These are some of the terminology words I learned ten and they are Aden: cell, Cyan: blue, Hemo: blood, Leuko: white, Psych: lung, Rhin: nose, Lasis: loosening, Megaly: Enlarged, Oma: tumor, adn Path: disease. With all of the seventy five words you can put them together and they were called suffixes, prefixes, and root words. This is an example of a combination of medical terminology words like gastralgia: stomach pain, and lithocystotomy: stone sac contains fluid muscle.


Infectious Diseases

1. How can we explain that there is a disparity of illness and death between richer and poorer countries?

  • The Disparity of illness and death between richer and poorer countries is when people who live in poorer countries won’t be able to get the help they need when they become sick, but for richer countries they will have money to assist them when they become sick or they have a disease that can cause death.

Lower reparatory infections remain in the top 5 list of causes of death.

  • Asthma, War, Fires, bladder cancer, and drowning

2. What are some infections that will impact the respiratory system?

  • Some infections that will impact the respiratory system is Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Asthma, Flu, and Common cold are infections that causes infection to the respiratory system.

3. What contributes to this number remaining so high and how can this be prevented?

  • This is so high because the number of infections that can cause the the respiratory infections and the causes of death of the reparatory system, also you can prevent it by washing your hands, doctor check ups everyday and being able to have vaccines.

Alexie Paige & Jazmine Jones




New and old unit Project

In my group project we were doing well on working together and being able to finish the work on time and being able to do our part and put the effort in to it. Also we also did a very good job on working together and being able to make the project funny and amusing our classmates to get there attention. Even some things I would change like focusing and not getting off task a lot, finishing our parts so we would have time and edit our video, even trying to put even more information in the video. So what Ive learned from this project is that you should’t be off task and you should never be late to class or come to school late or don’t come at all. So for the next project I would manage my time more and  be able to put all my effort into our group project to get a better grade and better group evaluations. I would think that the “Sink or Swim” or news clip project will get a better grade than “Pack your Time Machine” because I know how to make a movie but it is much harder to make website and put all the information in the website. So the “Sink or Swim” project will get a better grade because it was entertaining and we put all the information in the news clip. So the “Pack your Time Machine” would be great but I am not shore how to make a website and also put all the information on it and creating links and titles.

Environmental Design

– We’ve neglected to study (exhaustively) the oceans because the oceans don’t change and there is no meaning other than having salt water around us and not being able to drink salt water and there is no explanation or reason to explore more about the ocean.

– I believe that humans should spend their time and money to explore space  because we already have been charting new parts of the ocean for many years and also exploring space would make a better understanding of the universe, being able to find livable planets, and learning more about new galaxies. Even if we do put money on uncharted parts of the ocean it would be a waste money because we now so much about ocean that we don’t realize what else is in this universe and space itself.

– I would say that learning about space and how there are many galaxies and worlds out there in the universe that we don’t even now about grabs my attention in science class. Also science is an exciting topic to study because you are able to learn about the environment and learning about mother nature and how space can be so long it goes on for miles. Also i would think that science classes can be improved by having projects that deals with our earth and doing mere things to improve and study about space and how there might be livable planets in our galaxy.

Public Health


Washing Your Hands

Yesterday we learned how bacteria is all around you and also we learned how to wash our hands the correct way and how long you need to wash your hands. Even germs are living on your hands so always wash your hands when you use the bathroom even before you eat. Also you need to wash your hands everyday because you can get MRSA and you will have problems with your skin because you are not washing your hands or not washing them correctly. The steps of washing your hand is first get two paper towels then turn on water and rinse hands (without splashing) then get soap and scrub hands in between the fingers and also get your wrists. The next step is to place your hand in the water (without splashing) and when you are done don’t put it back in the water, then place your other hand in the water, and get paper towel and pat your hands. When you are finished throw away the paper towel and grab your other paper towel, fold it and turn off the water. So when you go in hospitals you can catch an infection and when you have an infection it can be fatal, so you should always wash your hands everyday.


In my group we did well on creating the script and being able to finish the presentation on time, and to be focused on the video and not doing other things. Also we did well on making the video our own way and making it funny to amuse our classmates and teachers. We should improve on our speaking skills and being able to produce more information on our script and making it more informative for people to understand what we are talking about. Even we should work on making movies and videos on movie more often so we would have a better understanding on this app. I would say yes we did hit everything on the rubric, and all the three classes information on our movie. We did do a very good job of explaining and focusing on the information on the rubric and not doing other things. So I would say yes we worked very well on our video and also we got good feedback from other people who really liked it.