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Plague in the Middle Ages

During the Bubonic Plague the population growth showed a logistic growth because people are being born but many people are dying and dying off. After the Bubonic Plague the population decreased because the disease spread throughout the kingdom off the people. While the Bubonic Plague spread, they did not know what to do with the died bodies so they would just leave them there and they would throw there trash on the streets because they do not know were to put the trash and bodies. They should have Recreational therapists because they would need to help the people that have cut off limbs and have disabilities.


Group Projects

During the presentations they did very well on most things but had issues with a few things because they did not now what to say or do during there presentation. In my presentation I did very bad and I probably got a bad grade because I mostly talked and my group member did not know what to say. Also one of my group members wasn’t here so that made me even nervous to present in front of the class. Also I need to work on being a leader and take control of my group to get the work done. Even I need to work on my organization skills because it was very bad and my group was the worst out of all of them and I don’t like it when people from other groups think they are perfect and better than me and I am tired of that because I don’t need to be told twice I did poorly in my presentation.

Slavery Footprint

In my survey I have many different types of people that work for me and that is 43 different types of slaves that work for me from different parts of the world. Also the most shocking thing to me was the amount of people that work for me in China, and India because of the amount of products I have and what they can produce for me. I would change the amount of clothing and shoes I have. Even to limit the amount of electronics I have so I wont have the 43 slaves, and to put them out of there misery. When I have  43 people I feel bad because they are working for me to meet my needs and they get nothing from me. The slaves are terrible because they would work for me and they would get a little amount of money.

Career Choices

I would choose to do a Pathologist because you are able to help people with diseases, and you are able to make a cure for different types of diseases. Also because I do not want to work at Burger King, Cookout Worker Gynecologist, or a funeral Director, because they are stupid jobs to work at. The one job that gets on my nerves and wouldn’t work at even if you paid me $150,000 would be Burger King because it is a fast food place and they don’t get paid very well. Also because I do not want to work at Burger King because you gave me money.

Freshmen Year

The first quarter is over and I felt like I have could of done better because I have gotten two B’s and two C’s so this was not a good start of the year. In the classes I am having trouble with is CAMTAC and Public Health because there is so much to learn in a short amount of time and I need to focus in these to classes more. Also these two classes they have the most work to do and more quizzes to do. In this quarter now I plan to focus in all my classes and study a lot and always turn my work on time to get good grades for this quarter. In science some topics we covered was deforestation, water pollution, and identifying water was most interesting to me. In Public Health we learned about Medical Terminology words, and Identifying the Human Body, and finally in Math I learned about how to Identify a problem and point out the variables that were interesting.

Project Reflection

In our last group project I think that some of the prior challenges were being able to make a website and be able to put all the information to get a better grade. Also for the Unit 3 project I think the challenges would be to make a 5-10 minute presentation, and to get everybody on task and letting everybody to do they’re own work that is assigned to them. I plan to handle the challenges on this project by telling my group members to work on their part and be able to research their part early so when we all finish we would revise and make sure we have all our information. In the last group I did not like it be she kept telling us what do and how to do with no questions asked and she acted like she was the boss of the group. So in this project I have better group members but I wonder about one because I’m worried that she won’t do any work because she thinks it’s too hard to do it, but I am going to persuade her to do all she can to do her work.

What are the difficulties that people encounter when trying to divide a limited resource?

Some difficulties that people encounter when trying to divide a limited resource are that they want to have the best for the people and want them to be able to have the same amount for each space but the population is always growing by the minute. Also when they have new land they have to produce more because they want more space for an area, but also they cant figure out how they would be able to produce the land for farmland, conversationalist, and for the developers of cities. So they are trying to divide the limited space but some people want more or less, also it would be hard for each space to have access to a water source.