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In the group project i think that went well that I would repeat again would be nothing because I mostly did all the work while my group members did parts of the project. I would change our props and our poster because I think that my group members should have helped me with it. I think I would be getting a 93% because we have our blueprints, brochure, models and the poster so I think that this would at least get a B on it. The Unit 1 project would get a better grade because it was the most fun thing to do with a group and everybody liked our video. Also that was the best group I ever worked with other than the rest of the Unit projects.


Public Health Warm Up

In the Unit 4 project I have learned that was interesting about the project was the printing press and how the planets revolve around the sun because it is in the middle. I have been to a museum and they were the “Museum of life of Science”, and “Museum of History” in Raleigh North Carolina. The experience I am expecting tomorrow is normal because I’ve been to all the museums were going to and I would have fun. I expect to see the new museum and fun with my friends.

The Birth of Modern Astronomy

Duckweed si 2 millimeters and these are water lintels that flat in ponds and other bodies of water. The Japanese Sider Crab is 3 meters, and it is the largest spider crab and largest arthropod, but they are being killed by fisherman. Even the game mine craft world is 64,000 kilometers and most of this world is covered by blocks and there is approximately 130 quadrillion blocks in it. In outer space the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy is 5,000 light-years and it lies between the arms of the milky way and pulled apart by the gravity of the milky way. Finally the Lagoon Nebula is 110 light-years and it was discovered in 1747 and 5,000 light-years from the us and includes tornadoes that emit UV light.

Medical Terminology Project

The best part of the medical terminology project was able to make something that another person like for fourth and first graders, and for people who speaks another language and elderly people. I liked most about it is that we get to make a song or power point that any of the people and understand what medical terminology words are. Some of the challenges of this project was that people in my group are so mean and I don’t like them because they are always off task and I’m never going to work with them ever again. Also I did not like working in this work, so I would combat my challenges by not working in this same group again, and I will not be doing any work that does not involve anything else other than the project.