Archive | December 2013

My Personality Type

I am an outgoing person and I have a lot of things in this world that interest me and make me feel like a good person and I am able to help others while still being me. Even I love to do arts and crafts and I love to be creative with everything I do as much as I can because I want to be a designer and a Pediatric Nurse when I grow up. I love to be around people I don’t know because thats more friends you would be making in the mean time while I’m there. I would also say that I am a shy person at first but when you get to know me better I am a crazy a little bit, but still love to have fun. When I go to school its is for one reason only and that is to live life and get an education. Also I would say that I am caring and  gentle because I’m going to be a nurse and that takes big responsibilities. I would say that no one has the same personality as me because I am weird, crazy, artistic, awesome, and nice most of the time so I cant compare myself to another famous person. So like I said the cray ones run the world.