Archive | February 2014

Interesting Article

I chose the article about “Nurse Refuses to Give CPR, Senior Dies: Ethical Problem or Legal Issue?” because a nurse refuses to give CPR to a patient and then she dies while she was still on the phone with a 911 operator. Also that this was interesting to me because she was a registered nurse and she knows how to do CPR, and plus if she didn’t know how to do the operator would tell her what to do instead of standing there looking like she doesn’t know what she is doing. So I think that this article tells how patients can die under nurses watch and that nurses should know what to do when they are in this type of situation.


Warm-up: Reflection

My grades in Public Health or in this class has been at a C and B average because I turn in all my homework and class assignments but my quiz and test grades are low. Also that I need to study more of the terminology words and more of the Health organizations. On the Quest on Friday I think I got a C because I did not study that well and I thought it would be on the terminology and not on the organizations. I should off studied more and focus on one thing at a time and not on everything. I plan to focus, study, turn in all my work, and pay attention more in class.