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The Quarter is Ending

The best part of the quarter was being able to do projects and how you are able to work in a group, and making new and creative projects of when you can draw and use you own creative skills. Even though there was many projects I would say that the one thing I would change would be how I studied for test and quizzes and being able to turn in all my homework on time to get  a better grade in all my classes. So for this quarter I wish to change my study habits, being able to get from the teachers when needed and being able to participate more in class. I am looking forward to the end of the ninth grade because I will become a soft-more and I would have more responsibilities and to be the best person I can be as a student and friend to my peers.


Carbon Footprint Calculator

Many families use a lot of thing or do a lot of things like traveling, food, shopping, and buying homes in this century, then all of these things cause carbon dioxide levels to rise. When I calculated the carbon footprint the highest area of carbon was travel because of how much gas my family uses and the  miles per gallon and per year my family uses gas. In the food area was the lowest area because the average household in Durham, North Carolina 27713 with 5 people and similar income. When I total up all my household’s total carbon footprint for a year I have 56.8 tons of carbon dioxide each year, and this is not much better than the average household in Durham. If you would want to lower your carbon footprint you would need to lower your gas averages per year or month and use less of these items then you would make your number go down.