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Reflection on Unit Project

In the new unit project I think that went well was that working together as a group and working together to accomplish our goal of turning in the project. I would repeat this again because we were organized, we got everything turned in, and being able to work as a group and not in individuals. I liked making our own logo and choosing our own cancer because the other projects was mainly about following whats on a paper and making your own twist on it. I would have changed being more focused on one thing at a time and not being all over the place, also being about to talk to each other more and learn more about there strengths. I have enhanced my skills on creativity on making the logo, my talking skills by talking to my group members, and my collaboration skills on working together to get the project done together. I learned that you don’t always have to know your group members to work well because we worked really well on the project and having a group members that are focused is really awesome.

If I would tell a new ninth grade student about this project I would explain it to him/her in a powerpoint to show the responsibilities you have and the work you have to put to accomplish this project. In the powerpoint I would show strategies on how to manage your time wisely and how you work well in a group. Even being able to show how to organize yourself and how you would create a new and approved and easy project that needs a lot of work but showing if you are willing to do the work. Then telling them that it’s the last project and you can all your effort into it because not only it is the last but it will be the greatest project you’ve ever done.


Acute Leukemia Cancer

1.) How many people have your cancer?

about 43,000 people

2.) How many people in NC have your cancer?

about 1,470

3.) Who is most likely to get your cancer?

children and adults

4.) How will your event help to mobilize and inform the community about your cancer?

Our event will help kids fulfill their dreams and being able to make their dreams come alive also to put smiles on their faces and fill them with love and care.

5.) Would you attend or support your event that you are creating for your project? Why or why not?

I would attend and support my event that our group created because we came up with the idea and we should be able to see the happy faces that we created on the children and letting them thank us for what we have done to make there dreams come true.

Magma Types

The three types of magma is Basalt and it has a high temperature of (1,200 degrees Celsius), Andesite has a moderate temperature of (800-1,000 degrees Celsius), and Rhyolite and has a low temperature of (750-850 degrees Celsius). They are all different because Basalt is flowing, Andesite is flowing and moderately explosive, and Rhyolite is very explosive. The basalt eruption has thin lava flows, forming shields, and scoria cones and craters. The andesite has thick, rubbly lava flows Scoria/pumice and ash fall. Then finally the rhyolite has pumice and ash fall ignimbrite (pyroclastic flow) and also lava flows when magma is low in gas. The basalt magma is volcanic field, andesite is stratovolcano (volcanic cone), and rhyolite is caldera type.