Magma Types

The three types of magma is Basalt and it has a high temperature of (1,200 degrees Celsius), Andesite has a moderate temperature of (800-1,000 degrees Celsius), and Rhyolite and has a low temperature of (750-850 degrees Celsius). They are all different because Basalt is flowing, Andesite is flowing and moderately explosive, and Rhyolite is very explosive. The basalt eruption has thin lava flows, forming shields, and scoria cones and craters. The andesite has thick, rubbly lava flows Scoria/pumice and ash fall. Then finally the rhyolite has pumice and ash fall ignimbrite (pyroclastic flow) and also lava flows when magma is low in gas. The basalt magma is volcanic field, andesite is stratovolcano (volcanic cone), and rhyolite is caldera type.



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