Archive | May 2014

Ninth Grade Year

During my ninth grade year at CMA we had many different types of projects for our classes and I would say that I didn’t enjoy most of them because of the group members they chose for us and how they won’t get the job done. Even though there was some difficulties I would like to see more projects dealing with more creativity and more art involved that is related to the subject. I think that I have gotten the best grade on the first project because I had the most fun doing it and I was able to have fun with my group members. Also that I enjoyed this project because it was funny and everyone enjoyed our presentation. So I would say that joining in clubs and meeting new people went well for me but the things that didn’t go as well was that my grades and how I do on my test and quizzes. I would change my study habits and be able to turn in my work on time and still get good grades throughout the year. In tenth grade I’m a little bit worried because I with different teachers and they might teach differently and I’ m afraid that I might not pass all my classes and not get straight A’s  or B’s.