Magma Types

The three types of magma is Basalt and it has a high temperature of (1,200 degrees Celsius), Andesite has a moderate temperature of (800-1,000 degrees Celsius), and Rhyolite and has a low temperature of (750-850 degrees Celsius). They are all different because Basalt is flowing, Andesite is flowing and moderately explosive, and Rhyolite is very explosive. The basalt eruption has thin lava flows, forming shields, and scoria cones and craters. The andesite has thick, rubbly lava flows Scoria/pumice and ash fall. Then finally the rhyolite has pumice and ash fall ignimbrite (pyroclastic flow) and also lava flows when magma is low in gas. The basalt magma is volcanic field, andesite is stratovolcano (volcanic cone), and rhyolite is caldera type.



Carbon Footprint Calculator

Many families use a lot of thing or do a lot of things like traveling, food, shopping, and buying homes in this century, then all of these things cause carbon dioxide levels to rise. When I calculated the carbon footprint the highest area of carbon was travel because of how much gas my family uses and the  miles per gallon and per year my family uses gas. In the food area was the lowest area because the average household in Durham, North Carolina 27713 with 5 people and similar income. When I total up all my household’s total carbon footprint for a year I have 56.8 tons of carbon dioxide each year, and this is not much better than the average household in Durham. If you would want to lower your carbon footprint you would need to lower your gas averages per year or month and use less of these items then you would make your number go down.

My Personality Type

I am an outgoing person and I have a lot of things in this world that interest me and make me feel like a good person and I am able to help others while still being me. Even I love to do arts and crafts and I love to be creative with everything I do as much as I can because I want to be a designer and a Pediatric Nurse when I grow up. I love to be around people I don’t know because thats more friends you would be making in the mean time while I’m there. I would also say that I am a shy person at first but when you get to know me better I am a crazy a little bit, but still love to have fun. When I go to school its is for one reason only and that is to live life and get an education. Also I would say that I am caring and  gentle because I’m going to be a nurse and that takes big responsibilities. I would say that no one has the same personality as me because I am weird, crazy, artistic, awesome, and nice most of the time so I cant compare myself to another famous person. So like I said the cray ones run the world.

The Birth of Modern Astronomy

Duckweed si 2 millimeters and these are water lintels that flat in ponds and other bodies of water. The Japanese Sider Crab is 3 meters, and it is the largest spider crab and largest arthropod, but they are being killed by fisherman. Even the game mine craft world is 64,000 kilometers and most of this world is covered by blocks and there is approximately 130 quadrillion blocks in it. In outer space the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy is 5,000 light-years and it lies between the arms of the milky way and pulled apart by the gravity of the milky way. Finally the Lagoon Nebula is 110 light-years and it was discovered in 1747 and 5,000 light-years from the us and includes tornadoes that emit UV light.

Slavery Footprint

In my survey I have many different types of people that work for me and that is 43 different types of slaves that work for me from different parts of the world. Also the most shocking thing to me was the amount of people that work for me in China, and India because of the amount of products I have and what they can produce for me. I would change the amount of clothing and shoes I have. Even to limit the amount of electronics I have so I wont have the 43 slaves, and to put them out of there misery. When I have  43 people I feel bad because they are working for me to meet my needs and they get nothing from me. The slaves are terrible because they would work for me and they would get a little amount of money.

7 Billion and Me

        In my world tab In the entire history of the world there was about 1,682,622,676 people were born.  Also there was about 549,544,940 people have died since I was born in the world. These numbers are important to the global resource use because many people are being born but also there is many deaths that are accruing. Even the growing rate is increasing more than the death rate. When the population reaches nine billion people I would be about 30 when it reaches this amount of people on earth. The world would be different because there will be people living in the urban areas and there would be twice as much people living in the cites and in the coastal areas. The food sources would be low and the transportation will rise, the production would work twice as hard, and the energy sources wold be scarce and would need more money for the world. The life expectancy for me would be about or around 78 years old and I would likely to get married in my life time there is 141,799,164 women and 136,371,092 men in my life time. Also I would be most likely to have about three kids and the population has changed by many people living in the world and there would be 218,653,410 people living in cities and towns but there will be 59,516,845 people living in rural and urban areas. This would be reasonable because people want to be near civilizations and not were you won’t be near deaths and sickness in the towns and cities.

Environmental Design

– We’ve neglected to study (exhaustively) the oceans because the oceans don’t change and there is no meaning other than having salt water around us and not being able to drink salt water and there is no explanation or reason to explore more about the ocean.

– I believe that humans should spend their time and money to explore space  because we already have been charting new parts of the ocean for many years and also exploring space would make a better understanding of the universe, being able to find livable planets, and learning more about new galaxies. Even if we do put money on uncharted parts of the ocean it would be a waste money because we now so much about ocean that we don’t realize what else is in this universe and space itself.

– I would say that learning about space and how there are many galaxies and worlds out there in the universe that we don’t even now about grabs my attention in science class. Also science is an exciting topic to study because you are able to learn about the environment and learning about mother nature and how space can be so long it goes on for miles. Also i would think that science classes can be improved by having projects that deals with our earth and doing mere things to improve and study about space and how there might be livable planets in our galaxy.