Ninth Grade Year

During my ninth grade year at CMA we had many different types of projects for our classes and I would say that I didn’t enjoy most of them because of the group members they chose for us and how they won’t get the job done. Even though there was some difficulties I would like to see more projects dealing with more creativity and more art involved that is related to the subject. I think that I have gotten the best grade on the first project because I had the most fun doing it and I was able to have fun with my group members. Also that I enjoyed this project because it was funny and everyone enjoyed our presentation. So I would say that joining in clubs and meeting new people went well for me but the things that didn’t go as well was that my grades and how I do on my test and quizzes. I would change my study habits and be able to turn in my work on time and still get good grades throughout the year. In tenth grade I’m a little bit worried because I with different teachers and they might teach differently and I’ m afraid that I might not pass all my classes and not get straight A’s  or B’s.


Reflection on Unit Project

In the new unit project I think that went well was that working together as a group and working together to accomplish our goal of turning in the project. I would repeat this again because we were organized, we got everything turned in, and being able to work as a group and not in individuals. I liked making our own logo and choosing our own cancer because the other projects was mainly about following whats on a paper and making your own twist on it. I would have changed being more focused on one thing at a time and not being all over the place, also being about to talk to each other more and learn more about there strengths. I have enhanced my skills on creativity on making the logo, my talking skills by talking to my group members, and my collaboration skills on working together to get the project done together. I learned that you don’t always have to know your group members to work well because we worked really well on the project and having a group members that are focused is really awesome.

If I would tell a new ninth grade student about this project I would explain it to him/her in a powerpoint to show the responsibilities you have and the work you have to put to accomplish this project. In the powerpoint I would show strategies on how to manage your time wisely and how you work well in a group. Even being able to show how to organize yourself and how you would create a new and approved and easy project that needs a lot of work but showing if you are willing to do the work. Then telling them that it’s the last project and you can all your effort into it because not only it is the last but it will be the greatest project you’ve ever done.

The Quarter is Ending

The best part of the quarter was being able to do projects and how you are able to work in a group, and making new and creative projects of when you can draw and use you own creative skills. Even though there was many projects I would say that the one thing I would change would be how I studied for test and quizzes and being able to turn in all my homework on time to get  a better grade in all my classes. So for this quarter I wish to change my study habits, being able to get from the teachers when needed and being able to participate more in class. I am looking forward to the end of the ninth grade because I will become a soft-more and I would have more responsibilities and to be the best person I can be as a student and friend to my peers.

Interesting Article

I chose the article about “Nurse Refuses to Give CPR, Senior Dies: Ethical Problem or Legal Issue?” because a nurse refuses to give CPR to a patient and then she dies while she was still on the phone with a 911 operator. Also that this was interesting to me because she was a registered nurse and she knows how to do CPR, and plus if she didn’t know how to do the operator would tell her what to do instead of standing there looking like she doesn’t know what she is doing. So I think that this article tells how patients can die under nurses watch and that nurses should know what to do when they are in this type of situation.

Reflection on Monopoly Game

The concept of playing monopoly is to take over the game by buying houses and being able to have the most money at the end of the game. I would say that my strategy would be to not buy anything and that if I cant afford it I should save my money, and do less trading. I can tie in history because of buying farms, homes and buildings so can  make money. Even I can tie this in to math because at the end of the game you have to calculate how much money you have in your bank by the owner.

High School Schedule Changes

In my classes we have recently switched classes and I am in a class with people I do not know very well and I am able to meet new people and make new friends. Even though we are in different classes we still are able to learn, but it is hard to make big adjustments to others people schedule while yours is still the same with people you don’t know very well. I love the changes but I have to understand that there will be times when I do not work very well with people I don’t know so I have to get out of my shyness and move on from this and be the best person I can be. This freshmen year I started out being shy and not talking very much in class, but now I am making new friends and talking more in group discussions. Even I need to on talking to my teachers about work that I do not understand I should be able to trust my teachers and let them help me on what I do not understand.

This semester I plan to make new friends, get good grades in each class, and also ask for help when I need it and not just sit there quietly and do not know what I am doing. I plan to focus more in class and study every test I have so I would get on the A’B honor roll. Also I am excited about this semester and that there are only  four more months until school is over so I plan to be great for the rest of the school year.


In the group project i think that went well that I would repeat again would be nothing because I mostly did all the work while my group members did parts of the project. I would change our props and our poster because I think that my group members should have helped me with it. I think I would be getting a 93% because we have our blueprints, brochure, models and the poster so I think that this would at least get a B on it. The Unit 1 project would get a better grade because it was the most fun thing to do with a group and everybody liked our video. Also that was the best group I ever worked with other than the rest of the Unit projects.