Acute Leukemia Cancer

1.) How many people have your cancer?

about 43,000 people

2.) How many people in NC have your cancer?

about 1,470

3.) Who is most likely to get your cancer?

children and adults

4.) How will your event help to mobilize and inform the community about your cancer?

Our event will help kids fulfill their dreams and being able to make their dreams come alive also to put smiles on their faces and fill them with love and care.

5.) Would you attend or support your event that you are creating for your project? Why or why not?

I would attend and support my event that our group created because we came up with the idea and we should be able to see the happy faces that we created on the children and letting them thank us for what we have done to make there dreams come true.


Warm-up: Reflection

My grades in Public Health or in this class has been at a C and B average because I turn in all my homework and class assignments but my quiz and test grades are low. Also that I need to study more of the terminology words and more of the Health organizations. On the Quest on Friday I think I got a C because I did not study that well and I thought it would be on the terminology and not on the organizations. I should off studied more and focus on one thing at a time and not on everything. I plan to focus, study, turn in all my work, and pay attention more in class.

Plague in the Middle Ages

During the Bubonic Plague the population growth showed a logistic growth because people are being born but many people are dying and dying off. After the Bubonic Plague the population decreased because the disease spread throughout the kingdom off the people. While the Bubonic Plague spread, they did not know what to do with the died bodies so they would just leave them there and they would throw there trash on the streets because they do not know were to put the trash and bodies. They should have Recreational therapists because they would need to help the people that have cut off limbs and have disabilities.

Project Reflection

In our last group project I think that some of the prior challenges were being able to make a website and be able to put all the information to get a better grade. Also for the Unit 3 project I think the challenges would be to make a 5-10 minute presentation, and to get everybody on task and letting everybody to do they’re own work that is assigned to them. I plan to handle the challenges on this project by telling my group members to work on their part and be able to research their part early so when we all finish we would revise and make sure we have all our information. In the last group I did not like it be she kept telling us what do and how to do with no questions asked and she acted like she was the boss of the group. So in this project I have better group members but I wonder about one because I’m worried that she won’t do any work because she thinks it’s too hard to do it, but I am going to persuade her to do all she can to do her work.

Presentation Project 10/2

In the group project we worked on our website about Rome and I think we did really well on most things but I think we would get a low grade because I think we didn’t put that much information in the website. I think it went well when the visitors went to our website because they liked our background they gave us good feedback by telling us that it really makes them want to go to Rome. In my group we had five visitors and they really liked how we make the website but I did not like that it didn’t have that much information on it.  Our station was great because they liked it and they love to see more projects like this because it was easy to go to the different sites that we had and like I said it might look good for the visitors but what about the teachers.

Medical Terminology Blog

In my experience with terminology words at first I was struggling to remember all 75 of them but then I started to make flash cards and remember the video pictures that would explain each terminology words. The video also was enjoying because it showed funny pictures of a rhino with a human nose on top of his nose. These are some of the terminology words I learned ten and they are Aden: cell, Cyan: blue, Hemo: blood, Leuko: white, Psych: lung, Rhin: nose, Lasis: loosening, Megaly: Enlarged, Oma: tumor, adn Path: disease. With all of the seventy five words you can put them together and they were called suffixes, prefixes, and root words. This is an example of a combination of medical terminology words like gastralgia: stomach pain, and lithocystotomy: stone sac contains fluid muscle.

Infectious Diseases

1. How can we explain that there is a disparity of illness and death between richer and poorer countries?

  • The Disparity of illness and death between richer and poorer countries is when people who live in poorer countries won’t be able to get the help they need when they become sick, but for richer countries they will have money to assist them when they become sick or they have a disease that can cause death.

Lower reparatory infections remain in the top 5 list of causes of death.

  • Asthma, War, Fires, bladder cancer, and drowning

2. What are some infections that will impact the respiratory system?

  • Some infections that will impact the respiratory system is Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Asthma, Flu, and Common cold are infections that causes infection to the respiratory system.

3. What contributes to this number remaining so high and how can this be prevented?

  • This is so high because the number of infections that can cause the the respiratory infections and the causes of death of the reparatory system, also you can prevent it by washing your hands, doctor check ups everyday and being able to have vaccines.

Alexie Paige & Jazmine Jones